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Developing locally

chezmoi is written in Go and development happens on GitHub. chezmoi is a standard Go project, using standard Go tooling. chezmoi requires Go 1.20 or later.

Checkout chezmoi:

$ git clone
$ cd chezmoi

Build chezmoi:

$ go build


If you try to build chezmoi with an unsupported version of Go you will get the error:

package build constraints exclude all Go files in /home/twp/src/

Run all tests:

$ go test ./...

chezmoi's tests include integration tests with other software. If the other software is not found in $PATH the tests will be skipped. Running the full set of tests requires age, base64, bash, gpg, perl, python3, ruby, sed, sha256sum, unzip, xz, zip, and zstd.

Run chezmoi:

$ go run .

Run a set of smoketests, including cross-compilation, tests, and linting:

$ make smoketest


If you use fish as your primary shell, you may get warnings from Fish during tests:

error: can not save history
warning-path: Unable to locate data directory derived from $HOME: '/home/user/.local/share/fish'.
warning-path: The error was 'Operation not supported'.
warning-path: Please set $HOME to a directory where you have write access.

These can be avoided with by running tests with SHELL=bash or SHELL=zsh:

$ SHELL=bash make test
$ SHELL=zsh make smoketest
$ SHELL=bash go test ./...