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Releases are managed with goreleaser.


To build a test release, without publishing, (Ubuntu Linux only) first ensure that the musl-tools and snapcraft packages are installed:

$ sudo apt-get install musl-tools snapcraft

Then run:

$ make test-release


Publish a new release by creating and pushing a tag, for example:

$ git tag v1.2.3
$ git push --tags

This triggers a GitHub Action that builds and publishes archives, packages, and snaps, creates a new GitHub Release, and deploys the website.


Publishing Snaps requires a SNAPCRAFT_STORE_CREDENTIALS repository secret.

Snapcraft store credentials periodically expire. Create new snapcraft store credentials by running:

$ snapcraft export-login --snaps=chezmoi --channels=stable,candidate,beta,edge --acls=package_upload -


brew automation will automatically detect new releases of chezmoi within a few hours and open a pull request in to bump the version.

If needed, the pull request can be created with:

$ brew bump-formula-pr --tag=v1.2.3 chezmoi


chezmoi is in Scoop's Main bucket. Scoop's automation will automatically detect new releases within a few hours.