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Recommended article: Fedora Magazine: Take back your dotfiles with Chezmoi

Date Version Format Link
2020-11-06 1.8.8 Text Chezmoi – Securely Manage dotfiles across multiple machines
2020-11-05 1.8.8 Text Using chezmoi to manage dotfiles
2020-10-05 1.8.6 Text Dotfiles with /Chezmoi/
2020-08-13 1.8.3 Text Using BitWarden and Chezmoi to manage SSH keys
2020-08-09 1.8.3 Text Automating and testing dotfiles
2020-07-06 1.8.3 Video chezmoi: Manage your dotfiles across multiple machines, securely.
2020-07-03 1.8.3 Text Feeling at home in a LXD container
2020-06-15 1.8.2 Text Dotfiles management using chezmoi - How I Use Linux Desktop at Work Part5
2020-04-27 1.8.0 Text Managing my dotfiles with chezmoi
2020-04-16 1.17.19 Text (FR) Chezmoi, visite guidée
2020-04-03 1.7.17 Text Fedora Magazine: Take back your dotfiles with Chezmoi
2020-04-01 1.7.17 Text Managing dotfiles and secret with chezmoi
2020-03-12 1.7.16 Video Managing Dotfiles with ChezMoi
2019-11-20 1.7.2 Audio/video FLOSS weekly episode 556: chezmoi
2019-01-10 0.0.11 Text Linux Fu: The kitchen sync

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