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Comparison table

chezmoi dotbot rcm vcsh yadm bare git
Distribution Single binary Python package Multiple files Single script or package Single script -
Install method Many git submodule Many Many Many Manual
Non-root install on bare system ⁉️
Windows support
Bootstrap requirements None Python, git Perl sh, git git git
Source repos Single Single Multiple Multiple Single Single
dotfiles are... Files Symlinks Files Files Files Files
Config file Optional Required Optional None Optional Optional
Private files
Show differences without applying
Whole file encryption
Password manager integration
Machine-to-machine file differences Templates Alternative files Alternative files Branches Alternative files, templates ⁉️
Custom variables in templates
Executable files
File creation with initial contents
Manage partial files ⁉️ ⁉️
File removal
Directory creation
Run scripts
Run once scripts
Machine-to-machine symlink differences ⁉️ ⁉️
Shell completion
Archive import
Archive export
Implementation language Go Python Perl POSIX Shell Bash C

✅ Supported, ⁉️ Possible with significant manual effort, ❌ Not supported

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