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chezmoi includes support for KeePassXC using the KeePassXC CLI (keepassxc-cli) to expose data as a template function.

Provide the path to your KeePassXC database in your configuration file:

    database = "/home/user/Passwords.kdbx"

The structured data from keepassxc-cli show $database is available as the keepassxc template function in your config files, for example:

username = {{ (keepassxc "").UserName }}
password = {{ (keepassxc "").Password }}

Additional attributes are available through the keepassxcAttribute function. For example, if you have an entry called SSH Key with an additional attribute called private-key, its value is available as:

{{ keepassxcAttribute "SSH Key" "private-key" }}

Non-password-protected databases

If your database is not password protected, add --no-password to keepassxc.args and keepassxc.prompt = false:

    args = ["--no-password"]
    prompt = false

YubiKey support

chezmoi includes an experimental mode to support using KeePassXC with YubiKeys. Set keepassxc.mode to open and keepassxc.args to the arguments required to set your YubiKey, for example:

    args = ["--yubikey", "1:7370001"]
    mode = "open"