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1Password functions

The onepassword* template functions return structured data from 1Password using the 1Password CLI (op).


When using the 1Password CLI with biometric authentication, chezmoi derives values from op account list that can resolves into the appropriate 1Password account-uuid.

As an example, if op account list --format=json returns the following structure:

    "url": "",
    "email": "",
    "user_uuid": "some-user-uuid",
    "account_uuid": "some-account-uuid"

The following values can be used in the account parameter and the value some-account-uuid will be passed as the --account parameter to op.

  • some-account-uuid
  • some-user-uuid
  • account1
  • my
  • my@account1

If there are multiple accounts and any value exists more than once, that value will be removed from the account mapping. That is, if you are signed into and for, then will not be a valid lookup value, but my@account1,, your@account1, and would all be valid lookups.


Chezmoi has experimental support for 1Password secrets automation modes. These modes change how the 1Password CLI works and affect all functions. Most notably, account parameters are not allowed on all 1Password template functions.