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merge target...

Perform a three-way merge between the destination state, the target state, and the source state for each target. The merge tool is defined by the merge.command configuration variable, and defaults to vimdiff. If multiple targets are specified the merge tool is invoked separately and sequentially for each target. If the target state cannot be computed (for example if source is a template containing errors or an encrypted file that cannot be decrypted) a two-way merge is performed instead.

The order of arguments to merge.command is set by merge.args. Each argument is interpreted as a template with the variables .Destination, .Source, and .Target available corresponding to the path of the file in the destination state, the source state, and the target state respectively. The default value of merge.args is ["{{ .Destination }}", "{{ .Source }}", "{{ .Target }}"]. If merge.args does not contain any template arguments then {{ .Destination }}, {{ .Source }}, and {{ .Target }} will be appended automatically.


$ chezmoi merge ~/.bashrc