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gitHubLatestReleaseAssetURL owner-repo pattern

gitHubLatestReleaseAssetURL calls the GitHub API to retrieve the latest release about the given owner-repo, returning structured data as defined by the GitHub Go API bindings. It then iterates through all the release's assets, returning the first one that matches pattern. pattern is a shell pattern as described in path.Match.

Calls to gitHubLatestReleaseAssetURL are cached so calling gitHubLatestReleaseAssetURL with the same owner-repo will only result in one call to the GitHub API.


{{ gitHubLatestReleaseAssetURL "FiloSottile/age" (printf "age-*-%s-%s.tar.gz" .chezmoi.os .chezmoi.arch) }}
{{ gitHubLatestReleaseAssetURL "twpayne/chezmoi" (printf "chezmoi-%s-%s" .chezmoi.os .chezmoi.arch) }}