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Customize your source directory

Use a subdirectory of your dotfiles repo as the root of the source state

By default, chezmoi uses the root of your dotfiles repo as the root of the source state. If your source state contains many entries in its root, then your target directory (usually your home directory) will in turn be filled with many entries in its root as well. You can reduce the number of entries by keeping .chezmoiignore up to date, but this can become tiresome.

Instead, you can specify that chezmoi should read the source state from a subdirectory of the source directory instead by creating a file called .chezmoiroot containing the relative path to this subdirectory.

For example, given:


Then chezmoi will read the source state from the home subdirectory of your source directory, for example the desired state of ~/.gitconfig will be read from ~/.local/share/chezmoi/home/dot_gitconfig (instead of ~/.local/share/chezmoi/dot_gitconfig).

When migrating an existing chezmoi dotfiles repo to use .chezmoiroot you will need to move the relevant files in to the new root subdirectory manually. You do not need to move files that are ignored by chezmoi in all cases (i.e. are listed in .chezmoiignore when executed as a template on all machines), and you can afterwards remove their entries from home/.chezmoiignore.

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