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chezmoi computes the target state for the current machine and then updates the destination directory, where:

  • The destination directory is the directory that chezmoi manages, usually your home directory, ~.

  • A target is a file, directory, or symlink in the destination directory.

  • The destination state is the current state of all the targets in the destination directory.

  • The source state declares the desired state of your home directory, including templates that use machine-specific data. It contains only regular files and directories.

  • The source directory is where chezmoi stores the source state. By default it is ~/.local/share/chezmoi.

  • The config file contains machine-specific data. By default it is ~/.config/chezmoi/chezmoi.toml.

  • The target state is the desired state of the destination directory. It is computed from the source state, the config file, and the destination state. The target state includes regular files and directories, and may also include symbolic links, scripts to be run, and targets to be removed.

  • The working tree is the git working tree. Normally it is the same as the source directory, but can be a parent of the source directory.