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chezmoi evaluates the source state for the current machine and then updates the destination directory, where:

  • The source state declares the desired state of your home directory, including templates and machine-specific configuration.

  • The source directory is where chezmoi stores the source state, by default ~/.local/share/chezmoi.

  • The target state is the source state computed for the current machine.

  • The destination directory is the directory that chezmoi manages, by default your home directory.

  • A target is a file, directory, or symlink in the destination directory.

  • The destination state is the current state of all the targets in the destination directory.

  • The config file contains machine-specific configuration, by default it is ~/.config/chezmoi/chezmoi.toml.

  • The working tree is the git working tree. Normally it is the same as the source directory, but can be a parent of the source directory.

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