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KeePassXC functions

The keepassxc* template functions return structured data retrieved from a KeePassXC database using the KeePassXC CLI (keepassxc-cli)

The database is configured by setting keepassxc.database in the configuration file. You will be prompted for the database password the first time keepassxc-cli is run, and the password is cached, in plain text, in memory until chezmoi terminates.

The command used can by changed by setting the keepassxc.command configuration variable, and extra arguments can be added by setting keepassxc.args. The password prompt can be disabled by setting keepassxc.prompt to false.

By default, chezmoi will prompt for the KeePassXC password when required and cache it for the duration of chezmoi's execution. Setting keepassxc.mode to open will tell chezmoi to instead open KeePassXC's console with keepassxc-cli open. chezmoi will use this console to request values from KeePassXC.