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Source state attributes

chezmoi stores the source state of files, symbolic links, and directories in regular files and directories in the source directory (~/.local/share/chezmoi by default). This location can be overridden with the -S flag or by giving a value for sourceDir in the configuration file. Directory targets are represented as directories in the source state. All other target types are represented as files in the source state. Some state is encoded in the source names.

The following prefixes and suffixes are special, and are collectively referred to as "attributes":

Prefix Effect
after_ Run script after updating the destination
before_ Run script before updating the destination
create_ Ensure that the file exists, and create it with contents if it does not
dot_ Rename to use a leading dot, e.g. dot_foo becomes .foo
empty_ Ensure the file exists, even if is empty. By default, empty files are removed
encrypted_ Encrypt the file in the source state
external_ Ignore attributes in child entries
exact_ Remove anything not managed by chezmoi
executable_ Add executable permissions to the target file
literal_ Stop parsing prefix attributes
modify_ Treat the contents as a script that modifies an existing file
once_ Only run the script if its contents have not been run before
onchange_ Only run the script if its contents have not been run before with the same filename
private_ Remove all group and world permissions from the target file or directory
readonly_ Remove all write permissions from the target file or directory
remove_ Remove the file or symlink if it exists or the directory if it is empty
run_ Treat the contents as a script to run
symlink_ Create a symlink instead of a regular file
Suffix Effect
.literal Stop parsing suffix attributes
.tmpl Treat the contents of the source file as a template

Different target types allow different prefixes and suffixes. The order of prefixes is important.

Target type Source type Allowed prefixes in order Allowed suffixes
Directory Directory external_, exact_, private_, readonly_, dot_ none
Remove directory Directory remove_, dot_ none
Regular file File encrypted_, private_, executable_, empty_, dot_ .tmpl
Create file File create_, encrypted_, private_, readonly_, empty_, executable_, dot_ .tmpl
Modify file File modify_, encrypted_, private_, readonly_, executable_, dot_ .tmpl
Remove file File remove_, dot_ none
Script File run_, once_ or onchange_, before_ or after_ .tmpl
Symbolic link File symlink_, dot_ .tmpl

The literal_ prefix and .literal suffix can appear anywhere and stop attribute parsing. This permits filenames that would otherwise conflict with chezmoi's attributes to be represented.

In addition, if the source file is encrypted, the suffix .age (when age encryption is used) or .asc (when gpg encryption is used) is stripped. These suffixes can be overridden with the age.suffix and gpg.suffix configuration variables.

chezmoi ignores all files and directories in the source directory that begin with a . with the exception of files and directories that begin with .chezmoi.