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Run a secret manager's CLI, passing any extra arguments to the secret manager's CLI. This is primarily for verifying chezmoi's integration with a custom secret manager. Normally you would use chezmoi's existing template functions to retrieve secrets.


If you need to pass flags to the secret manager's CLI you must separate them with -- to prevent chezmoi from interpreting them.


To get a full list of subcommands run:

$ chezmoi secret help


$ chezmoi secret keyring set --service=service --user=user --value=password
$ chezmoi secret keyring get --service=service --user=user
$ chezmoi secret keyring delete --service=service --user=user


On FreeBSD, the secret keyring command is only available if chezmoi was compiled with cgo enabled. The official release binaries of chezmoi are not compiled with cgo enabled, and secret keyring command is not available.