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If you're packaging chezmoi for an operating system or distribution:

chezmoi has no build dependencies other than the standard Go toolchain.

chezmoi has no runtime dependencies, but is usually used with git, so many packagers choose to make git an install dependency or recommended package.

Please set the version number, git commit, and build time in the binary. This greatly assists debugging when end users report problems or ask for help. You can do this by passing the following flags to go build:

-ldflags "-X main.version=$VERSION
          -X main.commit=$COMMIT
          -X main.builtBy=$BUILT_BY"

$VERSION should be the chezmoi version, e.g. 1.7.3. Any v prefix is optional and will be stripped, so you can pass the git tag in directly.


The command git describe --abbrev=0 --tags will return a suitable value for $VERSION.

$COMMIT should be the full git commit hash at which chezmoi is built, e.g. 4d678ce6850c9d81c7ab2fe0d8f20c1547688b91.


The assets/scripts/generate-commit.go script will return a suitable value for $COMMIT. You can run it with go run assets/scripts/generate-commit.go.


The source archive contains a file called COMMIT containing the commit hash.

$DATE should be the date of the build as a UNIX timestamp or in RFC3339 format.


The command git show -s --format=%ct HEAD returns the UNIX timestamp of the last commit, e.g. 1636668628.

The command date -u +%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ returns the current time in RFC3339 format, e.g. 2019-11-23T18:29:25Z.

$BUILT_BY should be a string indicating what system was used to build the binary. Typically it should be the name of your packaging system, e.g. homebrew.

Please enable cgo, if possible. chezmoi can be built and run without cgo, but the .chezmoi.username and template variables may not be set correctly on some systems.

chezmoi includes an upgrade command which attempts to self-upgrade. You can remove this command completely by building chezmoi with the noupgrade build tag.

chezmoi includes shell completions in the completions directory. Please include these in the package and install them in the shell-appropriate directory, if possible.

If the instructions for installing chezmoi in chezmoi's install guide are absent or incorrect, please open an issue or submit a PR to correct them.