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Use brew bundle to manage your brews and casks

Homebrew's brew bundle subcommand allows you to specify a list of brews and casks to be installed. You can integrate this with chezmoi by creating a run_once_ script. For example, create a file in your source directory called containing:

{{- if eq .chezmoi.os "darwin" -}}

brew bundle --no-lock --file=/dev/stdin <<EOF
brew "git"
cask "google-chrome"
{{ end -}}


The Brewfile is embedded directly in the script with a bash here document. chezmoi will run this script whenever its contents change, i.e. when you add or remove brews or casks.

Determine the hostname

The result of the hostname command on macOS depends on the network that the machine is connected to. For a stable result, use the scutil command:

{{ $computerName := output "scutil" "--get" "ComputerName" | trim }}