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diff [target...]

Print the difference between the target state and the destination state for targets. If no targets are specified, print the differences for all targets.

If a diff.pager command is set in the configuration file then the output will be piped into it.

If diff.command is set then it will be invoked to show individual file differences with diff.args passed as arguments. Each element of diff.args is interpreted as a template with the variables .Destination and .Target available corresponding to the path of the file in the source and target state respectively. The default value of diff.args is ["{{ .Destination }}", "{{ .Target }}"]. If diff.args does not contain any template arguments then {{ .Destination }} and {{ .Target }} will be appended automatically.


Configuration: diff.reverse

Reverse the direction of the diff, i.e. show the changes to the target required to match the destination.

--pager pager

Configuration: diff.pager

Pager to use for output.


$ chezmoi diff
$ chezmoi diff ~/.bashrc