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Common command line flags

The following flags apply to multiple commands where they are relevant.

-f, --format json|yaml

Set the output format.

-i, --include types

Include target state entries of type types. types is a comma-separated list of types:

Type Description
all All entries (default)
none No entries
dirs Directories
files Files
remove Removes
scripts Scripts
symlinks Symbolic links
always Scripts that are always run
encrypted Encrypted entries
externals External entries
templates Templates

Types can be preceded with no to remove them.

Types can be explicitly excluded with the --exclude flag.


--include=files specifies all files.


Regenerate and reread the config file from the config file template before computing the target state.


Prompt before applying each target.

-o, --output filename

Write the output to filename instead of stdout.

-r, --recursive

Recurse into subdirectories, true by default.


Interpret targets passed to the command as paths in the source directory rather than the destination directory.


Print paths as a tree instead of a list.


Use chezmoi's builtin diff, even if the diff.command configuration variable is set.

-x, --exclude types

Exclude target state entries of type types. types is defined as in the --include flag and defaults to none.


--exclude=scripts will cause the command to not run scripts and --exclude=encrypted will exclude encrypted files.