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chattr modifier target...

Change the attributes and/or type of targets. modifier specifies what to modify.

Add attributes by specifying them or their abbreviations directly, optionally prefixed with a plus sign (+). Remove attributes by prefixing them or their attributes with the string no or a minus sign (-). The available attribute modifiers and their abbreviations are:

Attribute modifier Abbreviation
after a
before b
empty e
encrypted none
exact none
executable x
external none
once o
private p
readonly r
remove none
template t

The type of a target can be changed using a type modifier:

Type modifier

The negative form of type modifiers, e.g. nocreate, changes the target to be a regular file if it is of that type, otherwise the type is left unchanged.

Multiple modifications may be specified by separating them with a comma (,). If you use the -modifier form then you must put modifier after a -- to prevent chezmoi from interpreting -modifier as an option.


$ chezmoi chattr template ~/.bashrc
$ chezmoi chattr noempty ~/.profile
$ chezmoi chattr private,template ~/.netrc
$ chezmoi chattr -- -x ~/.zshrc
$ chezmoi chattr +create,+private ~/.kube/config