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Hook commands are executed before and after events. Unlike scripts, hooks are always run, even if --dry-run is specified. Hooks should be fast and idempotent.

The following events are defined:

Event Trigger
command, e.g. add Running chezmoi command, e.g. chezmoi add
read-source-state Reading the source state

Each event can have a .pre and/or a .post command. The event.pre command is executed before event occurs and the command is executed after event has occurred.

A command contains a command and an optional array of strings args.


command = "echo"
args = ["pre-read-source-state-hook"]

command = "echo"
args = ["post-apply-hook"]

When running hooks, the CHEZMOI=1 and CHEZMOI_* environment variables will be set. CHEZMOI_COMMAND is set to the chezmoi command being run, CHEZMOI_COMMAND_DIR is set to the directory where chezmoi was run from, and CHEZMOI_ARGS contains the full arguments to chezmoi, starting with the path to chezmoi's executable.