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AWS Secrets Manager

chezmoi includes support for AWS Secrets Manager.

Structured data can be retrieved with the awsSecretsManager template function, for example:

exampleUsername = {{ (awsSecretsManager "my-secret-name").username }}
examplePassword = {{ (awsSecretsManager "my-secret-name").password }}

For retrieving unstructured data, the awsSecretsManagerRaw template function can be used. For example:

exampleSecretString = {{ awsSecretsManagerRaw "my-secret-string" }}

The AWS shared profile name and region can be specified in chezmoi's config file with awsSecretsManager.profile and awsSecretsManager.region respectively. By default, these values will be picked up from the standard environment variables and config files used by the standard AWS tooling.

    profile = myWorkProfile
    region = us-east-2