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Install packages declaratively

chezmoi uses a declarative approach for the contents of dotfiles, but package installation requires running imperative commands. However, you can simulate declarative package installation with a combination of a .chezmoidata file and a run_onchange_ script.

The following example uses homebrew on macOS, but should be adaptable to other operating systems and package managers.

First, create .chezmoidata/packages.yaml declaring the packages that you want installed, for example:

    - 'git'
    - 'google-chrome'

Second, create a script that uses the package manager to install those packages, for example:

{{ if eq .chezmoi.os "darwin" -}}

brew bundle --no-lock --file=/dev/stdin <<EOF
{{ range .packages.darwin.brews -}}
brew {{ . | quote }}
{{ end -}}
{{ range .packages.darwin.casks -}}
cask {{ . | quote }}
{{ end -}}
{{ end -}}

Now, when you run chezmoi apply, chezmoi will execute the script with when the list of packages defined in .chezmoidata/packages.yaml changes.