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Migrate away from chezmoi

chezmoi provides several mechanisms to help you move to an alternative dotfile manager (or even no dotfile manager at all) in the future:

chezmoi creates your dotfiles just as if you were not using a dotfile manager at all. Your dotfiles are regular files, directories, and symlinks. You can run chezmoi purge to delete all traces of chezmoi and then, if you're migrating to a new dotfile manager, then you can use whatever mechanism it provides to add your dotfiles to your new system.

chezmoi has a chezmoi archive command that generates a tarball of your dotfiles. You can replace the contents of your dotfiles repo with the contents of the archive and you've effectively immediately migrated away from chezmoi.

chezmoi has a chezmoi dump command that dumps the interpreted (target) state in a machine-readable form, so you can write scripts around chezmoi.