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Contributing changes

Bug reports, bug fixes, and documentation improvements are always welcome. Please open an issue or create a pull request with your report, fix, or improvement.

If you want to make a more significant change, please first open an issue to discuss the change that you want to make. Dave Cheney gives a good rationale as to why this is important.

All changes are made via pull requests. In your pull request, please make sure that:

  • All existing tests pass. You can ensure this by running make test.

  • There are appropriate additional tests that demonstrate that your PR works as intended.

  • The documentation is updated, if necessary. For new features you should add an entry in assets/ and a complete description in assets/ See website for instructions on how to build and view a local version of the documentation.

  • All generated files are up to date. You can ensure this by running make generate and including any modified files in your commit.

  • The code is correctly formatted, according to gofumpt. You can ensure this by running make format.

  • The code passes golangci-lint. You can ensure this by running make lint.

  • The commit messages follow the conventional commits specification. chezmoi's release notes are generated directly from the commit messages. For trivial or user-invisible changes, please use the prefix chore:.

  • Commits are logically separate, with no merge or "fixup" commits.

  • The branch applies cleanly to master.