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Use your preferred editor with chezmoi edit and chezmoi edit-config

By default, chezmoi will use your preferred editor as defined by the $VISUAL or $EDITOR environment variables, falling back to a default editor depending on your operating system (vi on UNIX-like operating systems, notepad.exe on Windows).

You can configure chezmoi to use your preferred editor by either setting the $EDITOR environment variable or setting the edit.command variable in your configuration file.

The editor command must only return when you have finished editing the files. chezmoi will emit a warning if your editor command returns too quickly.

In the specific case of using VSCode or Codium as your editor, you must pass the --wait flag, for example, in your shell config:

$ export EDITOR="code --wait"

Or in chezmoi's configuration file:

    command = "code"
    args = ["--wait"]

Configure VIM to run chezmoi apply whenever you save a dotfile

Put the following in your .vimrc:

autocmd BufWritePost ~/.local/share/chezmoi/* ! chezmoi apply --source-path "%"

Use chezmoi with emacs provides convenience functions for interacting with chezmoi from emacs, and is available in MELPA.