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Install your password manager on init

If you use a password manager to store your secrets then you may need to install your password manager after you have run chezmoi init on a new machine but before chezmoi init --apply or chezmoi apply executes your run_before_ scripts.

chezmoi provides a hook that allows you to modify your system after chezmoi init has cloned your dotfile repo but before chezmoi has read the source state. This is the perfect time to install your password manager as you can assume that ~/.local/share/chezmoi is populated but has not yet been read.

First, write your password manager install hook. chezmoi executes this hook every time any command reads the source state so the hook should terminate as quickly as possible if there is no work to do.

This hook is not a template so you cannot use template variables and must instead detect the system you are running on yourself.

For example:


# exit immediately if password-manager-binary is already in $PATH
type password-manager-binary >/dev/null 2>&1 && exit

case "$(uname -s)" in
    # commands to install password-manager-binary on Darwin
    # commands to install password-manager-binary on Linux
    echo "unsupported OS"
    exit 1


The leading . in is important because it tells chezmoi to ignore when declaring the state of files in your home directory.

Finally, tell chezmoi to run your password manager install hook before reading the source state:

    command = ".local/share/chezmoi/"