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import filename

Import the source state from an archive file in to a directory in the source state. This is primarily used to make subdirectories of your home directory exactly match the contents of a downloaded archive. You will generally always want to set the --destination, --exact, and --remove-destination flags.

The supported archive formats are tar, tar.gz, tgz, tar.bz2, tbz2, xz, .tar.zst, and zip.

--destination directory

Set the destination (in the source state) where the archive will be imported.


Set the exact attribute on all imported directories.

-r, --remove-destination

Remove destination (in the source state) before importing.

--strip-components n

Strip n leading components from paths.


$ curl -s -L -o ${TMPDIR}/oh-my-zsh-master.tar.gz
$ mkdir -p $(chezmoi source-path)/dot_oh-my-zsh
$ chezmoi import --strip-components 1 --destination ~/.oh-my-zsh ${TMPDIR}/oh-my-zsh-master.tar.gz