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If a file called .chezmoiignore (with an optional .tmpl extension) exists in the source state then it is interpreted as a set of patterns to ignore. Patterns are matched using doublestar.Match and match against the target path, not the source path.

Patterns can be excluded by prefixing them with a ! character. All excludes take priority over all includes.

Comments are introduced with the # character and run until the end of the line.

.chezmoiignore is interpreted as a template, whether or not it has a .tmpl extension. This allows different files to be ignored on different machines.

.chezmoiignore files in subdirectories apply only to that subdirectory.



*.txt   # ignore *.txt in the target directory
*/*.txt # ignore *.txt in subdirectories of the target directory
        # but not in subdirectories of subdirectories;
        # so a/b/c.txt would *not* be ignored

backups/   # ignore the backups folder, but not its contents
backups/** # ignore the contents of backups folder but not the folder itself

{{- if ne .email "" }}
# Ignore .company-directory unless configured with a company email
.company-directory # note that the pattern is not dot_company-directory
{{- end }}

{{- if ne .email "" }}
{{- end }}